Get to know me

Having graduated from Algonquin's Personal Support program with honors in 2002, I embarked on a journey dedicated to the care and well-being of seniors. My tenure at Peter D Clark, a long-term care facility, spanned several years, during which I honed my skills and dedication to the field. Taking a break to raise my daughter, I seamlessly transitioned into home care for four years until she started school.

My passion for seniors led me to Alta Vista Manor, where I began as an overnight PSW and eventually ascended to the role of Director of Recreations for over seven fulfilling years. Throughout this time, I spearheaded numerous initiatives, earning recognition in our local newspaper for our achievements. Central to my ethos is a commitment to enhancing seniors' quality of life through meaningful activities and attentive care.

Now, I'm thrilled to introduce a novel service to our community: Gardening on the Go. Recognizing the diverse needs of our seniors, I believe in offering a wide array of activities, including weekend options. What better way to engage and invigorate than through a garden club? Book your spot today and let's cultivate joy and connection together.

Our mission

Is to bring the joy of Garden Therapy on the go directly to seniors where they reside, fostering wellness and community connection in the comfort of their homes and long-term care facilities. We are dedicated to creating a welcoming and nurturing environment where seniors can engage in meaningful activities that enhance physical health, mental well-being, and social interaction. Through convenient and accessible Garden Therapy on the go, experiences tailored to the unique needs of seniors, we empower our members to explore their green thumbs, cultivate friendships, and thrive together. Committed to sustainability, inclusivity, and lifelong learning, we aim to sow seeds of happiness and growth in every garden plot and heart we touch.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the premier provider of Gardening on the go for seniors', pioneering accessible and enriching experiences for older adults across communities